Hey, I'm Tina.


I live on a farm in Lockhart, TX .

I’m the type of hopeless romantic that asks if you’re in love after the first date. I’d rather be overdressed than underdressed. I still impulsively peace sign in every pic. I obsessed over America’s Next Top Model when I was a tween -- turns out I was meant to be behind the camera instead.

A Moment in Time

I am passionate about finding beauty in the mundane, anticipating small moments, and delivering images that will activate your senses.

There are some clients whose ideal photographer is one who will deliver a gallery of picture perfect images.

...and then there’s my clients.

A client of McGuire Moments desires a collection of images that will tell a story - your story.

Purposeful Imagery

When you book with MM, you are not signing up for a photoshoot. You are signing up for an experience - whether it be the best day date ever, a morning with your family, or an evening on the town.

And me? Think of me as your new bestie. I’ll be by your side every step of the way - your venue scouter, wardrobe consultant, ultimate hype girl, timeline creator, and most importantly - PERSONAL PAPARAZZI !!!